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Jessica Wynne Art
Painter & Visual Art Consultant Focusing on UX
Chicago, IL
June 2018- Present
Creating authentic experiences that embody how we want the user to feel. Focusing on the balance between the vision for the business and a deep understanding the customer. Building connections and brand loyalty with experiences that reflect that understanding.

Brad’s Deals
Mobile UX Design – UX Mobile & Web
Product Manager – Web
UX and Design Product Manager
Chicago, IL
September 2015- June 2018
User experience design mobile app and web, wireframes & user journeys for web, app, email and internal applications. User research, development of new features, improved consistency of user experience across all channels.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Senior Mobile Designer/e-Solutions Analyst
Chicago, IL
May 2013- September 2015
Native mobile and responsive web design. Wireframing and media production. Developed style guides, best practices and design standards.

Freelance Design: InTouch Solutions & Vokal Interactive
Senior Mobile Designer – Senior Designer/Art Director
Chicago, IL
March 2013-May 2013
Pharma related responsive website, online tools and mobile website. Mobile visual design, UX and production for iOS and Android apps, wireframes and feature support, developed style guides.

Motorola & Motorola Mobility
Mobile Media Designer – Senior Experience Designer, Prototyping
Chicago, IL
September 2006- August 2012
Visual design for features, new layouts, prototyping, design language, documentation. Production of media and pairing with developers. Android mobile design and development, Prototyping with 3D modeling for live wallpaper, SVG media optimization.


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Design Concentration
Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins, CO
Graduation: May 2004

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